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#ItWasAScam: FAQs

Simon Maginn
3 min readSep 7, 2021

‘Are you saying there was no antisemitism in Corbyn’s Labour Party?’

No. There were cases of antisemitism during Corbyn’s tenure in office, but they accounted for less than 0.1% of the membership. One estimate by General Secretary Jennie Formby put the figure at 0.06% (6 in every 10,000 people). This of course does not mean those cases were not important, it just means there were very few of them. The figures certainly do not suggest a ‘crisis’, or anything like one.

‘Are you accusing Jewish people of fraud?’

No. #ItWasAScam merely states as a fact that the ‘antisemitism crisis’ narrative was built on frauds. These frauds were propagated by some Labour Party MPs and all mainstream media, state and commercial.

‘Didn’t the EHRC say it was “unlawful harassment” to say accusations were “fakes and smears”?’

Yes it did. And yet, there is hard evidence that the accusations used to create the ‘antisemitism crisis’ narrative were precisely that.

‘Isn’t it antisemitic to claim accusations were frauds?’

No it isn’t. Jewish people are not accused of anything here. There is no suggestion of any ‘Jewish conspiracy’. There is no suggestion that ‘Jewish people are liars’. Those accused are as above, some Labour Party MPs, and our mainstream media. Many of the victims of false accusations are themselves Jewish.

‘Many Jewish people were genuinely fearful about Corbyn. Are you saying they don’t know antisemitism when they see it?’

No. Jewish people were targeted and deliberately put into fear by irresponsible journalists and community leaders. They were threatened with a ‘second Holocaust’, they were made to fear for their safety and security. They reacted to what they saw and read, and their fears were cynically used to create anger and panic. No-one can blame Jewish people for believing what they were told by voices they trusted, including the BBC, the Guardian, Jewish newspapers such as Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News, and all other mainstream media.

‘Who are you to say what’s antisemitic and what isn’t?’

We’re not. All #ItWasAScam is saying is that the accusations used to create the ‘antisemitism crisis’ narrative were provably fraudulent. They were designed to deceive. These were not accidents or mistakes, these were cold, deliberate, intentional frauds.

‘But isn’t it “common knowledge” that Corbyn’s Labour Party was antisemitic?’

Yes it is. It is now so firmly established as a ‘fact’, after five years of unchallenged media saturation, that it seems perverse even to question it. How could everyone else be wrong and #ItWasAScam be right? But all anyone has to do is basic fact-checking and the claims that are the underpinnings of the ‘crisis’ narrative start to crumble away under your fingers. The evidence simply is not there. The evidence that does exist is evidence of systematic fraud by the ‘antisemitism crisis’ accusers.

‘Who do you mean by “the antisemitism smearing industry”?’

We mean anyone who was presenting these accusations. This includes all mainstream UK media, state and commercial, with only two exceptions (Peter Oborne and Victoria Derbyshire). BBC were amongst the worst offenders, alongside The Guardian.

‘Are you seriously saying all mainstream UK media were lying, for five years?’

Yes. It’s one of the most audacious frauds in British political history. And we’ve got the receipts.