Reality Always Wins, Eventually.

You’d think it would be simple enough to establish what a public figure said in public, wouldn’t you? You’d just check the recorded facts, the tape or the transcript, and you would find out.

Easy, right?


We have been fact-checking the various antisemitism accusations made against prominent leftists and the left generally since 2016, and we have found them to be fraudulent.

All of them.

Chris Williamson, for instance did not say what BBC’s Nick Robinson accused him of saying, that Labour had been ‘too apologetic for antisemitism’. He says ‘too apologetic’, which refers back in the sentence to ‘those who would demonise the party as a racist, bigoted party’, but the words ‘…for antisemitism’ that BBC allege follow it are not there.

BBC invented them.

Check for yourself here:

In fact, Mr Williamson is saying the exact opposite of that: he’s literally shouting about how proud he is of Labour’s fight against what he calls ‘the scourge of antisemitism’.

So that’s that, then? Case closed? Reality has spoken?


Consider that the entirety of our media, BBC leading the charge, have all made the same fraudulent accusation. They have made this and other similar fraudulent accusations, consistently, since 2016. Consider that prominent social media accounts — entertainers, journalists, people in the public eye, many of them again BBC employees — have all been pumping out the same frauds, for years. Consider that the new Labour Party leader, Sir Keir Starmer, alongside senior Labour Party MPs, have made the same accusations, using them to purge the left of the party, and are still doing so today.

So what happens when you present the real facts? Do these people all meekly accept their ‘mistake’? Endeavour to do better in future? Heck, maybe even apologise?

Gentle reader, they do not, for this is no mistake.

What #ItWasAScam exposes is that we, all of us, have been the subjects of a campaign of disinformation on a scale rarely witnessed in any of our lifetimes. A campaign which distorted two general elections, took down a (then) sitting democratically elected MP, Chris Williamson, made a mockery of any notion of ‘free and fair’ elections, and dominated news coverage about the left for seven years and counting.

And you don’t do that by mistake.

What actually happens when you challenge the narrative is that you get attacked. I have had daily abuse, threats and attempts at intimidation since I started disputing the facts on twitter back in 2016. I am routinely called an antisemite, for instance, and was even given ‘words of advice’ by Sussex Police about one tweet […], this now itself the subject of a formal complaint to Sussex Police.

A former Labour Party member received a ‘notice of investigation’ merely for using the hashtag (though since he’d already left the party it’s far from clear how they intended to penalise this). High-profile commentators such as Owen Jones, Paul Mason, David Baddiel and David Schneider have all diligently prosecuted the fraud and attempted to shut #ItWasAScam down with false accusations against it. I was publicly called an antisemite by author J K Rowling, who made sure to get her assault on me into some Jewish newspapers in an attempt to discredit me personally, to shut me down, shut me up.

As you will observe, none of these attempts have succeeded.

#ItWasAScam is growing every day as people find out the truth. More people all the time are coming to the uncomfortable but inescapable conclusion that the ‘Labour antisemitism crisis’ was and remains a lie, a big one, one of the biggest lies in British political history, in fact. A lie that every organ of the state — political, media, police, even the established church in the person of the Archbishop of Canterbury — colluded with and are still colluding with to this day.

Reality, the public record, the very idea, in fact, of objective truth has been brusquely shoved aside and this pseudo-reality, the ‘Labour antisemitism crisis’, clumsily nailed up in its place. We have all witnessed this happening in real time over the last seven years, and we are still witnessing it. It’s happening now, today.

So what should be a simple enough task — to establish what a public figure said in public — turns out to be something else, something which is perceived as such a threat to the established narrative that those attempting it become targets for abuse and intimidation. An act which brings down upon you the full weight of the state, and which could even get you a police record.

We will be continuing to expose this monstrous fraud which has destroyed innocent lives and reputations, and we will do so in every way possible. We will continue to present the facts about what public figures said in public, disconcerting though the implications may be, and we will not be prevented from doing so.

Reality is on our side, and reality always wins, eventually.

There are more of us every day, and we’re here for the long haul.

Come join us.





Recovering piano teacher

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Simon Maginn

Simon Maginn

Recovering piano teacher

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